Meet Aunt Jill

After volunteering in the dog rescue community for nearly 15 years and fostering more than 300 dogs in my home, I took the plunge and walked away from a high dollar corporate sales gig, that was sucking my soul dry, to make a career out of doing what I love–which is caring for, snuggling and playing with dogs!

I recently lost my first dog, Mia, to cancer.  She is the Shepherd mix in the photo, my first dog and the one that started it all and helped me realize my life’s mission – my commitment to the pet industry, dog rescue and pet owner education.  RIP sweet girl!

Meet My Crew

Name: Jerry
Age: 12
Breed: Schnoodle
Hobbies: Digging for moles and howling at any siren
Name: Moose
Age: 5
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Hobbies: Drinking out of the toilet and fostering kittens (his besties)


My Industry Timeline

’03 Humane Society Volunteer, fostering kittens and puppies
’07 Volunteer & Foster, Stray Rescue

  • Began walking dogs the first day they opened
  • Nova, my first foster, 3 days later
’14 Needy Paws Rescue, Foster Coordinator, Board of Directors