Dog Walking

Our dog walks come in three sizes!  

Whether your pooches need to burn some serious energy or just some fresh air and a potty break, we have dog walking (and pet sitting) services to fit your needs!   Visits include walk, fetch & toy time, and, of course, TLC.

15 minute stretch ($15):
Want to get your pooch off the couch and outside for some fresh air?  The 15 minute stretch is a perfect opportunity for them to stretch their legs, do their business and maybe bark at a few squirrels or birds.  Each additional pooch is just $5!
30 minute stroll ($23):
The 30 minute stroll gives your pooch the opportunity to explore the neighborhood, sniffing everything along the way.  You’ll come home to a happier, calmer dog at the end of a long day and your pooch will love you for it!  Each additional pooch is just $5!
60 minute trek ($35):
Our one hour visits are great for dogs with lots of energy or those that need more attention and and stimulation.  We can even hop in the car and head to a local park or even dog park if you’d like.  We take breaks and will make sure to keep your dog well hydrated for this big adventure.  Each additional pooch is just $5!